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Hyper Island

Investing in our industry

At the OTHER media, we believe that helping our industry to evolve is crucial; thus we balance the commercial side of our business with a commitment to supporting digital education projects. This investment in new thinking, new minds and new technologies is channeled back into our business and used to benefit our clients and their projects.

Hyper Island

In 1994, we joined forces with members of the Swedish new media industry to create Hyper Island. This is a cutting-edge training centre for the European new media industry and graduates from this private university accredited college now work for leading companies all over the world.

Hyper Island offers a new type of course and mode of study, far removed from the rigid subject boundaries, exams and teaching models of a traditional university. We worked with our Swedish colleagues to create digital courses that blend the best of traditional university education with cross-discipline, project-focused learning.
We also involved in many industry Masterclasses. Key figures from the digital, advertising, educational and agency worlds come together to drive new ideas forward.

Kingston University

We are also involved with the Faculty of Computing, Information Systems and Mathematics at Kingston University, as Jonathan Briggs, one of our directors, was Professor of Ecommerce. Jonathan combined teaching at Kingston with his role as Strategy Director at the OTHER media, offering a unique perspective on our clients' projects and wider digital strategy.

Kingston University has long been an integral part of the OTHER media and continues to provide us with new, exciting talent.


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