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Systems Integration and support

the OTHER media have a strong background in architecting complex technical systems. We are experts at analysing the overview position and then providing the detail required to deliver a robust system. We work with many different ecommerce and ticketing systems, which often come as legacy relationships with clients, to provide a seamless experience for the end user. We are keen to use widely available and open source software. We have extensive experience of working with social media APIs to give rich, interactive experiences on our websites.


Running a complex website requires more than just a simple server and some bandwidth. We provide a flexible infrastructure able to accommodate your application hosting requirements and any sudden bandwidth bursts caused by an increase in traffic. Our traffic allowance is generous, meaning that spikes in traffic resulting from marketing activities need not be a headache.

Our server farms have grown in size, speed and capacity to provide a robust, scalable and secure infrastructure. Our hosting set-up offers clients excellent potential for current and future growth, especially for sites that are interactive and rich in content/media.

Our physical hosting footprint is provided by InterXion ( who are one of the market leaders in the ‘carrier neutral’ facility space . Internet connectivity and bandwidth is supplied by five ‘Tier 1’ provider's over the Exponential-e ( network, ensuring you always get the fastest routes to anywhere in the world.

To discuss your next project, phone our Managing Director, George Crabb on 020 7089 5959 or email