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eCommerce services & consultancy

With have over 8 years of experience in providing expert eCommerce design, build and consultancy services, we’re the ideal studio to handle your web project.
When it comes to online shopping customers develop loyalties to specific websites based on their shopping experience with that brand. . From being able to search for products to a secure checkout process and a quick delivery service, these factors will all affect customer experience and customer retention.

With online customers generally being more impatient, you don’t have long to make a good first impression. So how do you hit all the right notes? We can help you answer these questions, and help your business run successfully online.

Magento development and hosting

We specialise in the powerful open source technology Magento to provide our clients with extremely flexible yet cost effective eCommerce solutions. Magento gives our developers the ideal platform for growth and feature customisation, whilst providing a robust and reliable open standards framework.

We can help you to migrate your existing site to Magento, or we can build your new site from the ground up with our eCommerce design and strategy expertise.

eCommerce web design

A good design balances your need for brand accuracy, and the site’s ability to sell goods and services. Our expert web designers have a complete understanding of best practices and conversion optimisation techniques. It must also give reassurance that the shopping cart and checkout is secure and that your online customer service lives up to your promises.

We can help represent your brand online, whilst still ensuring a profitable site that returns on your investment. We’ve spent a lot of time researching and conducting usability testing on our checkout processes to ensure that they are logical, user-friendly and grounded in common sense. Simplicity is the watchword of our new express one page checkout that doesn't require registration prior to purchase (often a big turn off for customers). This new style of checkout has tripled the sales of one of our clients.

eCommerce web design

Defining an eCommerce digital strategy is vital when considering the investment in your new online project. Agreeing business objectives and KPIs is the first step with the OTHER media; these may include increase sales revenue, improve brand awareness and increase profit.

For an e-business, metrics and KPIs are vital in measuring the success of your online shop. We combine Google Analytics reporting, customer data and detailed sales figures to give you a rounded view of your customers and their buying behaviour. This intelligence is essential to form your ecommerce digital strategy and is used iteratively to improve the performance of your site and digital campaigns.

Mobile eCommerce

With iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other smart phones now commonplace the demand for a mobile shopping experience is important, whether via an App or responsive website. Our app development team can help create a profitable mobile experience for your brand.

Payment Security and Hosting Services

Providing PCI a secure checkout with PCI compliance is essential. Our secure hosting service allows customer payment details to be held safely and securely. With our eCommerce delivery and hosting services you can be confident of a reliable and secure system which responds to high traffic needs and is fully accessible. We'll give your business stakeholders and users the reassurance they need.

To discuss your eCommerce or Magento project, telephone our Managing Director, George Crabb on 020 7089 5959 or email