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Digital strategy

Having an amazing web presence doesn’t automatically bring commercial reward (otherwise everyone would be 100% successful!). Making a business success of your site often requires careful ongoing strategic management. the OTHER media offer a complete Digital Strategy service that provides these interventions. We have an experienced strategy team with the commercial, analytics, optimisation, testing, usability, pay-per-click and SEO skills to make your web presence successful. We strongly believe that these skills should not be separated into silos but should be integrated, with each improvement opportunity informed by work in the other areas.

Our core strategy process involves:


Analysis of your existing business online including current results, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Heatmap Analysis, Site Search Analysis and Customer Feedback. This builds a set of benchmarks from which improvements can be measured.

Your social presence

Reviewing your wider digital presence including social media, image and video sites, blogging, newsletters and partner relationships. We use sentiment analysis tools and industry benchmarks to make recommendations for improvements including follower acquisition strategies and development of social activity calendars.

Competitor and demand analysis

We look at your competitors and your market and use tools to estimate the scale and successes of their online businesses. Through feature analysis we are able to examine where they are doing better or worse than you and make recommendations for improvement in your ecommerce site.

Online marketing

PPC Design and Keyword Intelligence. Google’s Adwords campaigns, when designed and run well can generate significant additional revenue for many businesses. Run poorly, they are simply a way of making money for Google. We will design campaigns that make full use of our knowledge of the different Google services (search, display network, images, maps) and proper campaign design (match types, ad groups, quality scores, landing pages) delivers sustainable results. The successful results from PPC will be used to inform further SEO changes (content, landing pages and anchor tags).

An ongoing relationship

Where we are engaged on a continuous basis we will help clients begin to optimise their sites and look at identifying and ultimising the opportunities made available. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your digital strategy. We provide consultancy to businesses in the process of formulating reports, making recommendations that help organisations maximise the effectiveness of their resources, budget and technologies available. We offer a fresh perspective on sites and projects that are under-performing.

Our strategic and consultancy services are cost effective; moving your projects and way of thinking forward quickly. So if you need an objective perspective on an existing site or project, contact Jonathan Briggs or call on 020 7089 5959.