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What we do

Other Media delivers excellence across digital media platforms: from website/mobile design and build through to digital strategy and marketing. We’re highly experienced in creative design, ecommerce, mobile app development, content management and digital strategic thinking. We deliver with a strong and friendly approach to project management.

We work collaboratively with clients to ensure that their business and online objectives are met by our digital campaigns and site designs. It is an iterative process, with insight gathered from intelligence informing the design, on-site experience and technology. Learnings from this process are ploughed back into our insight phase.

Digital strategy 

We offer complete Digital Strategy management that seeks to understand and meet your online objectives. Having a web presence, but not yet driving maximum commercial success is a common issue. We have an experienced strategy team with the commercial, analytics, optimisation, usability, pay-per-click and SEO skills to make your web presence thrive. 


Other Media has developed mobile Apps and mobile optimised websites for over 2 years. With iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other smartphone devices now commonplace the demand for content via mobile is growing exponentially. The Mobile channel is now an important consideration for any website owner.


Our creative team is highly skilled at developing designs which fuse your brand values with the needs of key audience groups. We understand the need to blend brand, user needs, commercial goals, accessibility and all-round delightfulness to deliver an inspiring website.

Systems integration and support

We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate complex technical systems to drive our web and mobile output, particularly for ecommerce, ticketing and entertainment services. We offer a range of CMS opportunities and can host websites.

Web services

Other Media designs world class websites for brands and organisations that are rich, creative and will meet business objectives. We are experts in ecommerce, B2B, education and charity sector websites. We pride ourselves on our ability to blend complex technical skill with stunning design.


Other Media understands how vital ecommerce is to developing businesses. We provide a complete ecommerce delivery from design to checkout. We know that ecommerce comes with integration challenges and pride ourselves on our ability to work smartly to meet these needs.

SEO and online marketing

Building an online presence extends far beyond launching your new website. With so much competition out there, success rests upon being able to attract the right kind of visitors. the Other Media deliver results through Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, email marketing and social media engagement.


We build websites with reference to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, aiming to achieve Level AA conformance. These guidelines are the industry standard for assessing the accessibility of websites and are adopted by companies and organisations around the world.