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What is RSS?

Our RSS feed contains 10-20 our latest news stories. You can subscribe to it here.

What are the benefits of RSS?

Using RSS means that the OTHER media's news comes directly to your desktop, rather than you having to bookmark and regularly visit our site to find out what’s been going on. RSS is pretty much spam-free. Unlike registering for a newsletter, RSS doesn't ask for any person information to subscribe.

Why do we provide an RSS feed?

RSS is a popular way of accessing news and articles that visitors have come to expect it. Not providing an RSS news feed means that only the loyalist devotees will keep checking back for news updates.

How do I start using RSS?

You either need to use special news reader software or free news readers from sites like Bloglines. A full list is available from Wikipedia. When you want to subscribe to a news feed, look for the little orange icon on a page or the links that say ‘subscribe’, ‘syndicate’ or ‘rss’. Copy this link into either your news reader or web reader.

What does RSS stand for?

‘Rich Site Summary’, ‘RDF Site Summary’, ‘Really Simple Syndication’... no one really knows, it doesn't really matter, just sign up and see.


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