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the OTHER media launch The Wonders App

Posted on Thu, 29 Mar 2012 by Edd Gold

Wonders of the universe

The groundbreaking Wonders app for iPad brings together Professor Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe books with the award-winning TV series produced by the BBC into a single interactive experience.

The application was produced for the publisher Collins and features more than three-hours of video from the series, along with hundreds of beautiful photos, infographics and a story told in Cox’s much-admired accessible style. This wealth of material can be explored via an interface featuring stunning 3D-models that allow users to travel around our solar system, galaxy and the known universe.

Wonders is the first iPad application to make use of two innovative technologies developed by the OTHER media: a 3D rendering engine used to create a truly amazing interface; and revolutionary publishing platform that provides a new reading experience for tablet and mobile: Glide Publisher.

The 3D engine is capable of handling high-resolution textures and complex animations. Created exclusively for iOS5, it takes full advantage of iPad’s graphic engine and the superior display and processing power of the new iPad.

Rather than developing 3D models on the desktop in a simulated environment, we created a development interface that allows you to craft the 3D worlds directly within the iPad app itself, meaning what you see is truly what you get.

Glide Publisher provides a beautiful, seamless reading experience. It removes the noise, commonly associated with multimedia applications allow users to focus on the story, being delighted by interactivity rather than distracted.

Instead of following the page metaphor, taking a flat designs and adding interactive bells and whistles, that often confuse rather than enhance the reading experience, Glide creates a simple, scrollable column of text that introduces rich media elements – video, image galleries and interactive infographics - at appropriate moments in the narrative.

As well as simplifying the reading experience, Glide Publisher makes the publishing experience straight-forward.

Glide Publisher applications are driven by a publishing tool that makes it easy for editorial people to create rich media narratives. The complexity of publishing to mobile applications is removed, leaving creative people to concentrate on what they do best: craft a great story.

The Wonders app is available in the App Store today and priced at only u00a34.99 for a limited period. Download it and try it for yourself.

To find out more about Glide Publisher, check out