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Ending the year on a high with Wonders and Atlas

Posted on Mon, 31 Dec 2012 by Tim Wapshott

Ending 2012 on a high, apps developed by the OTHER media made it into several coveted ‘best of’ end of year round-ups. Not only that, we have just learned that our Wonders of the Universe app has been nominated for a Best App Ever award, in the Most Innovative category!

The Wonders of the Universe app was chosen for’s editors choice awards – as Education app of the Year. iMore declared: u201cWonders of the Universe is a phenomenal educational tool that has the perfect mix of video, images, text, and hands-on interaction. On the surface you have Professor Brian Cox - a particle physicist, Royal Society research fellow, and professor at the University of Manchester - taking you on a guided tour of the cosmos. Beneath the surface you have some incredibly clever coding and an amazing presentation engine that makes you feel like you're gliding across space, staring across the stars.u201d

Both the Wonders app and our Atlas by Collins app made TNW’s round-up of ’12 of the best education apps of 2012’. Firstly, of Wonders it said: u201cWonders of the Universe is an iPad app that packs in a custom 3D rendering engine, tons of video, text and image content from Professor Brian Cox’s Wonders series, accompanied by a brand new interface that works like nothing else you’ve seen from an ‘interactive book’ before. Our universe is rendered in stunning visual detail out from clouds of galaxies down to the subatomic building blocks of life.u201d

Then TNW said of Atlas, u201cAtlas by Collins is a beautiful and immersive way to explore Earth, letting users explore the world through a collection of interactive 3D globes, displaying visual data about this planet we call home…what we have on our hands here is a beautiful, immersive app that’s likely to appeal to people of all ages. Collins partnered with London development agency the OTHER media to produce this app, a company also responsible for Wonders of the Universe.u201d

The Atlas app also made it into TechCrunch’s ‘Best 20 iOS and Android apps of 2012’ list. u201cThe world is at your fingertips with Atlas by Collins. This robust app features satellite mapping images, physical maps, political maps with states and territories marked out, environmental maps, population statistics and even mobile technology and Internet usage maps. Atlas By Collins also features street-level viewing for any location on the map, in-depth country profiles, and 200,000 data points for cities, towns and major natural landmarks.u201d

Finally, closing the year with the news that Wonders is nominated as a Best Ever App is the icing on the cake!