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That cloud looks funny...

Posted on Fri, 21 Oct 2011 by Chris May

"The Cloud" - Probably the buzzword of the last couple of years but what is it?


Well The Cloud is a collective of machines; sometimes bare metal but normally virtual that pool their resources to provide space, speed and reliability.

This ability isn't new by any means and we in IT have had this function for years (A supercomputer is a cloud in a box). The ability of the cloud is actually very good, it's now common to build a server room with machines that all run virtual machines that are all self healing and as you need more capacity you simply add another box and the cloud "assimilates" it into the collective. Just like the diagrams you can have one cable plugging into the cloud and that's where all the magic happens and gives you back what you are after.

At the OTHER media we are working hard to produce our own cloud using open source software such as Linux, Xen, Gluster, Puppet and Spacewalk. At some point everyone will move onto another buzzword but The Cloud will live on.

Christopher May is a Unix Systems Administrator at the OTHER media

Technical Integration,