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Football League App Update

Posted on Wed, 15 Aug 2012 by Edd Gold

This is an update for those who are experiencing difficulties using the Football League App.

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Over the summer the Football League has been upgrading their club sites and have changed data providers for their data feeds. These data feeds are used by the iPhone and Android apps to pull in content such as news and this is causing update problems for some clubs. We are waiting for the Football League’s third party developers to complete the development of the app feeds and in turn resolve these issues.

The feeds are currently being worked on, and this is an issue the Football League are attempting to rectify as soon as possible.

We will update this blog as soon as we have further news.

Our apologies for the inconvenience and frustration that this is causing some users of the app and we wish your team the best of luck this season.

UPDATE: 20/08/2012 (Monday)

Apologies to all who had difficulty with the Football League app this weekend.

We have completed all the work and the new data feeds are now working.

The update and fix to the iPhone app will be sent to the app store today. Assuming the new app is approved by Apple, it will be ready for you to update/download later this week.

The new version of the Android App is live on Google Play now

UPDATE: 03/09/2012 (Monday)

The new version of the Football League iPhone app was published to the App Store on Saturday, please note that the App cannot be "updated", it need to be reinstalled. We did not realise this until Saturday morning.

This is because the unique identifiers that allow us to provide the correct content for each club have changed and the old ones will still be stored on your phone. Updates assume that feed locations remain the same, in this case, they have not.

To view the app content for 2012/13, please delete the App and then re-install it on the same phone. If you have a season ticket purchased on the App, then you will need to go into the App settings from the my club page and "Restore Active Subscription" to view the video content.

Apologies for the problems, have a great week.