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Kick off for new Chelsea FC microsite

Posted on Sun, 1 Apr 2012 by Tim Wapshott

Chelsea FC has officially launched its hospitality website, developed by the OTHER media. The new microsite boasts an interactive 3D model of Stamford Bridge stadium pinpointing different hospitality packages and seating.

chelsea fc screen

The club's new microsite delivers improved search functions across the entire hospitality product available at Chelsea Football Club. It features an easy-to-use package finder especially created by the OTHER media alongside a price comparison chart with sliding budget scale.
Simon Hunter, Head of Venue and Brand at Chelsea FC, said of the new microsite: “Hospitality is one of the largest revenue streams for Chelsea Football Club so investing in the design and functionality of the website is an important move for the club. With hospitality bookings increasingly being placed online, the site will mean our customers can get more from their budget and receive a high level of service and attention to detail when placing bookings. With the best hospitality packages in the industry, it’s only right that we now have the best website to match.”
George Crabb, MD of the OTHER media, added: “Working with the mighty Chelsea has been a pleasure and we hope to be teaming up with them again on other challenging projects in the near future.”