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Posted on Mon, 28 May 2012 by Edd Gold is pushing social shopping even further with its latest tie-up with picture sharing site Pinterest.

Pinterest Lyst


Pinterest, which has taken the fashion world by storm in 2012, is now available to be linked to your Lyst profile. is a “social shopping site that helps you discover the best fashion for you. Follow your favorite designers, boutiques, bloggers and stylists to get their latest updates in your stylefeed, so you can stay on trend and never miss a sale.”

The new Pinterest tie-up alerts you when a product you have previously ‘pinned’, becomes available to purchase online.

Many people ‘pin’ products straight from the catwalks. These products are not available to purchase for several weeks. will notify you when one of these products becomes available to purchase.

Pinterest start using Lyst

This is another method that shows how Pinterest is becoming a brilliant platform to support Ecommerce.

Unlike Facebook, Pintererest knows what individual products you like, where as Facebook only knows which brand you like.

This specific data and information will help Pinterest build a superior advertising model.

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